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Amazing Doctor Worked ‘Magic’

Dr. Dimitrov is an amazing doctor with a superior reputation. He just does magic.

Also, his medical assistant, Hannah Abrejera, is one of the most helpful, caring and patient assistants I have met in a medical office in the whole of America.

I heard about Dr. Dimitrov from  a colleague and I asked my primary doctor and they both never hesitated to strongly recommend him.

He did me a lower back surgery, a disc that had caused me severe pain. I was almost limping while I’m only 48. I was not able to sit or sleep for the last month and I had that problem for several years before but was bearable. Anyway, he went out of his way and agreed to schedule on his rest day for the pain was too much for me to wait.

One hour after that major surgery, I was standing, walking and went to the restroom and went home sitting next to my company for a half an hour drive. At home, I was able to go to the kitchen and prepare my own food and then went to bed for relaxation.

I never needed to take one single pill at any time after surgery until now, two months after.

In 24 hours, I was able to take a shower and go out walking a little in the street and taking it easy at home for the first week. I drove back to the doctor’s office 10 days after for half an hour each way. I went back to office work 12 days after the surgery day.

When I saw the doctor for two times after the surgery, he was able to relieve me by answering my concerns and worries about all minor issue that I could think of. He is so friendly, clever and professional. Also his assistant has all the time been accurate about everything. She would also give it all the time it would take with patience and in a welcoming manner.

Truly, thanks to them.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the doctor also selected to do the surgery in an awesome neighboring surgery center, which saved me a lot of money as I left the center the same day.

I was just very lucky to have known Monterey Spine and Joint Center and specifically that doctor.