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My left knee was replaced in 2000. Unfortunately there was a complication, and as a result my lower leg was unstable. A revision in 2002 corrected that problem, but I had never been without muscular pain in that leg.

Needless to say, I was a bit hesitant to have the right knee replacement done. However, a hip replacement done in 2013 by Dr. Meckel brought immense relief from pain, and an increased confidence to have him also replace my right knee. I had that done just recently.

As a medical professional, I am so impressed with the class that Dr. Meckel provides on a monthly basis. All joint replacement patients for the following month are asked to attend. Every little detail of what one can expect is presented. He takes his time, answering every question that arises. The day I attended, there must have been 30-plus people in the room. No question was too small. I cannot recommend Dr. Meckel enough. I have had a wonderfully positive experience.

Nancy P.