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‘I Have All My Joints Back’

Dr. Christopher Meckel has completed four total joint replacements for me. Bilateral knees and bilateral hips. The operations went off without a hitch. No problems with my healing. I never required a cane. I did use a walker for a short period of time but that was due to nausea.

Dr. Meckel is young and up to date on all the new procedures. He is patient and understanding with all of my husband’s endless questions. Things were done on time and he showed kindness and thoughtfulness to all, including his medical staff. Everyone seemed to admire and like him. This is a good sign in a doctor. My incisions were neat and not really long. I now feel that I have all my joints back, with no problems. So I recommend Dr. Meckel to everyone so they can enjoy the same level of medical care. He is a great asset to the medical profession.

I feel very blessed we found him. We were going to go to another doctor but my husband was showing property to a surgical nurse and he asked the nurse who they would use for joint replacement. The nurse said, “I will tell you a story. When a procedure calls for a size 15 screw and there is not one available, some doctors will use a 13 or 14. Dr. Meckel insists on the correct size,” and that is all we needed to hear – precision. Dr. Meckel is a wonderful doctor and person.

June L.